2019 Tee Ball Roster


Indians: Jonah O’Curran, Kendrick McDonald, Chase Boso, Quinton Clark, Jacob Ruble, Gage Parsons, Carson Dornon,


Tigers: Dylan Fingers, Esaias Frenderick, Henrik Freed, Brody Stevens, Ashton Khosrovi, Sebastian Khosrovi, Carson Bonnett


Cubs: Lincoln Traugh, Laila Rhodes, Zachary Brown, Leighton Witt, Pierson Witt,  Tristan Alford, Grayson Francisco


Pirates: Tripp Gum, Silas Wines, Hunter Casey, Christopher Buskirk, Emerson Yoho,


First Weeks Schedule;

Monday June 24th              5:30   Tigers vs Indians

                                                6:30    Cubs vs Pirates


Tuesday June 25th              5:30   Cubs vs Tigers

                                                6:30   Pirates vs Indians


A complete schedule will be given out with shirt & hat.

First week will be teaching base locations, glove practice and some batting

Games will be played on Monday’s and Tuesday’s at 5:30 and 6:30 beginning on June 24th.

All games are played at the WCRC Fields located behind the DMV on Southside.


Pictures will be taken following their first game.

  • Six weeks program
  • Open to boys and girls ages 4, 5, and 6 (3 year olds are permitted to play if they will go out on the field and listen to the coach)
  • Cost to participate is $30.00 which includes a shirt, hat, and a trophy
  • Play begins June 17.
  • Games are played on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings at WCRC ball fields (child will play 2 of the 3 evenings at 5:30 or 6:30)
  • This is an instructional league that will teach players the basics and fundamentals of baseball
  • Players will hit from a tee for the first two weeks. After two weeks, players will be pitched to by coaches
  • All Games will be played at WCRC fields, located on Southside behind the new DMV




For more information please contact Vickie at 304-424-7311 ext 201 or email to vmarshall@woodrecreation.com 


Tee Ball Registration Form

Sponsored By:  Wood County Recreation Commission


Participants Name: _________________________________________  Age: ____

Address: _______________________City ______________ State ____ Zip ______

D.O.B. _________________*Phone: (____) ______________________________

email address:_______________________________________________________

In order for your child to participate in the Tee Ball Program for the current season, it will be neccessary to have this form properly signed and returned to WCRC prior to the start of the season.  There is a $30.00 Registration Fee.  For more information contact Vickie Marshall, WCRC at 304-424-7311 ext. 201 or online at www.woodrecreation.com.


We/I give permission for the above named child to participate in the Tee Ball program.  It is clearly understood and agreed that the Wood County Recreation Commission, it's sponsors and all persons connected with the program will not be held liable in the event of an injury to your child.

Signed: ________________________________________________________    Date: ________

Relationship to participant: ____________________________________________

Address (if different from above) ____________________________________________

City ________________________________________________ State ______ Zip _________

Cell Phone: _______________________ Residence Phone: _____________________

Medical Information

I/We agree to authorize**or**Do not agree to authorize

(please circle one)

The Wood County Recreation Commission, staff, coaches or medical persons to share information concerning injuries or health problems concerning the participants.

Participants name: _________________________________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________*Relationship to child: _________  Date: _____

Hats and shirts will be given out to each child at the first game.  Also, following the first game, pictures will be taken.  Trophies will be given to each child during the last week of T-Ball.  If you have any questions or have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 424-7311 x201 or at vmarshall@woodrecreation.com