2018 Pinto and Mustang Baseball Sign ups
March 3rd and March 10th, 9 a.m. - Noon
at WCRC Offices Located in the Parkersburg City Park


The River Valley Baseball League was developed by a group of individuals, from different recreational organizations, with the sole intent of giving the game of baseball back to the kids.  The purpose of RVBL is to create and offer quality learning baseball playing opportunities to ALL youth.  Although winning is important, RVBL emphasizes this is not our mission.  Our purpose is to provide equal playing time, encourage good sportsmanship and teach the fundamentals of baseball, while having fun.  Team placement will be done, when possible, by skill assessments to ensure teams are not loaded and as equal as we can possibly make them.  By doing so, we make the league more competitive and fun for all players.  

RVBL Originators/Developers: Eddie Atkinson, Vienna Rec.; Alan Farnsworth, St. Marys; Vickie Marshall, WCRC; Steve Eddy, Williamstown; Tom Wilford, Mineral Wells; Mark Holbert, Vienna Rec; Toby Mether, Ferndale; Steve Dailey, Godbey.

  • Pinto 8 & Under   Mustang 10 & Under
  • Age determination date May 1st, 2018
  • Member of the River Valley Baseball League
  • Home field is WCRC field, located on Southside behind the new DMV
  • Compete against other organizations in the league
  • Cost to participate $40.00
  • WCRC's Supervisor/Coach; Delmas Barker


For more information please contact Vickie Marshall at 304-424-7311 ext 201 vmarshall@woodrecreation.com